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Indigo Zoom Productions

Director of Photography Marcus O'Brien captures motion & time-lapse imagery for telling stories in documentaries, television, commercials & film. Owner / operator of Movi M10 cinema kit including Canon 1DC and Canon cinema prime lenses. Contact:

  1. The Mud Pie Project, brought to you by Centennial Parklands Foundation

    Recent work supporting the Centennial Parklands Foundation fundraising drive to complete the Ian Potter Children's Wildplay Garden in Centennial Park.

  2. Take The Test - Jodi Lee Foundation

    Recent 3-axis motion control time lapse shoot working with Will O_Rourke, The Glue Society, Jodi Lee Foundation and DOP Rob Marsh

  3. PARKLIFE 2012 music festival mid-tour hype reel

  4. My Kinda Crazy

    The first time editing some writing to music and motion imagery - a bit anxious about posting something so personal - meeting this girl was such a bright part of last year, followed by sadness & a drift into unexplained silence from a beautiful soul.

    Sadly.... we no longer speak.


    A BIG winter swell hit the Australian east coast recently, conditions were very special due to the tide, offshore westerly winds, sand banks and size of the swell all combining perfectly.

    Tama doesn't break like this very often.

    Tourists and Sydney-siders perched along coastal vantage points whilst experienced surfers took on the massive pacific swells.

    Here's a visual story illustrating the beautiful part of Australia we call Sydney's eastern beaches.


    Music: Hometown Glory, ADELE


    Recent commercial shoot with Canon C300 in Port Macquarie.

    Director: Adrian Brown

    Camera assist: Eric Downer