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Indigo Zoom Productions

Cinematographer Marcus O'Brien captures emotive motion & time-lapse imagery for telling stories in documentaries, television, commercials & film. Owner / operator of brand new Movi M10 cinema kit - including Canon 1DC and Canon cinema prime lenses, wireless follow focus, Small HD DP7 Pro Director monitor plus more.


    Flying has always fascinated's one of the few remaining spaces one can completely detach from day-to-day communication, simply sit back & enjoy some undisturbed time doing whatever pleases.... with a killer view.

    Whilst cruising at high altitude the light has amazing clarity & is always changing over incredible landscapes, many of which are very isolated, inaccessible and never get photographed. I really don't understand why so many passengers always put their window shutter down to block out light (ok apart from sleeping) and miss such a golden opportunity to experience how truly majestic this world is when viewed from above.

    On a recent trip from Sydney to Toronto via Hong Kong I embarked on a journey to capture as much of this shifting light + landscape as possible. Sydney to Hong Kong was a 9 hour leg, Hong Kong to Toronto 14 hours. No sleep just shoot as much as possible and hope my plan of booking seats on particular sides of each leg would pay off.

    Getting the gear on-board didn't prove to be as much of a challenge as first thought. You don't need much to get the camera into the right place and keep it steady.

    Footnote: gaffe tape is classed as a restraint and is not allowed on planes......well rolls of it anyway.



    Track: 'Bubble Love'
    Artist: Chungking


    Morgan Bowman operates a river cruise with a difference; jumping salt water crocodiles.

    In the 'top end' of Australia not far from Kakadu National Park (World Heritage listed area) is the Adelaide River, home to the largest of all living reptiles numbering between 100,000 + 200,000 that grow six meters PLUS weighing up to 1300kg.

    These prehistoric behemoths are the most feared animal on this continent - Great White Sharks come in a close second in most Aussie's 'shitballs' scale.

    You cannot get ANY closer to these beasts in the wild (unless your having a really bad day) Morgan's cruise is like no other - viewing the croc's amongst their wild habitat, up really really close, simply a jaw dropping experience. The bloke in the red cap at 2:36 confirms this.

    Large adult saltwater crocodiles eat kangaroos, wild boar, dingos, goannas, birds, domestic livestock, pets, humans, water buffalo and even sharks. Some bear the scars of their encounters - the croc @ 0:55 is missing his front right leg!

    No visit to Darwin / Kakadu National Park / The Northern Territory is complete without Morgan's unique MONSTER jumping croc cruise;



  3. Bondi Beach NYE 2011/12 SHORETHING music festival

    'SHORETHING' is a music festival held on the sands of Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia featuring international artists and DJ's every New Year's Eve.

    This year Snoop Dog, Calvin Harris and Pendulum played to a sell out crowd of 15,000 people celebrating the new year on Australia's most famous beach: BONDI.

    The aim of this short film was capturing the positive intergration of the event into the local Bondi environment showing stage build, event night and expeditious bump out of all equipment post event through time lapse & behind-the-scenes motion video.

    Feedback welcomed.



    Music: 'Smokebelch' The Sabres of Paradise
    'Feel so close' Calvin Harris

  4. VIVID SYDNEY 2010

    (Give the player window a little time to load before pressing play to ensure smooth playback & click the four arrows icon in the bottom right hand corner to make full screen)

    No other festival in the Southern Hemisphere illuminates a city quite like Vivid Sydney.

    As the festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid Sydney flicks on the ultimate light switch and ignites the city with spectacular colours.

    It features the lighting of the Sydney Opera House, which sees Utzon’s iconic sails transformed into a spectacular living canvas with Vivid LIVE co-curator Laurie Anderson putting her own mark on Sydney's most recognised landmark. Now in its second year, it’s a harbourside artwork that’s grabbed the world’s attention!

    From the 27th May through till 21st June the people of Sydney were treated to a wonderful journey of projection and imagination with incredible lighting patterns beamed onto iconic buildings around the CBD that when sped up, into a timelapse sequence, gives the festival an entire new dimension.

    This visual story was shot over the entire festival period using the latest camera technology from Canon - the 1D Mark IV DSLR and a variety of Canon L-series lenses.

    The projections were expertly done by well known Sydney based projection company The Electric Canvas.

    There was no shortage of Sydney locals and tourists alike actively capturing the festival from every possible angle in a variety of different ways - still photography & video being the most popular.

    No one I could see was shooting time lapse sequences which, combined with the magic imagery being projected onto various buildings and structures around town including the world famous Sydney Opera House, I believed would generate some very interesting imagery.

    Vivid Sydney 2010 is a visual story brought to you by local cinematographer Marcus O'Brien from Indigo Zoom Productions. Hope you enjoy it!

    If you do like it - press that LIKE icon in the top right hand corner - the more people who share the Vivid Sydney 2010 visual experience the better next year's event will be!!! Please also feel free to leave a comment as feedback is always welcomed.

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    Please go to for further information about this shoot, all equipment used and contact information regarding this work or if you are a production manager, producer or company representative and would like to discuss future projects.

    Music: Alpha State - Album Mix
    Artist: Marcus Schulz

    The amazing music track used in this edit is by prominent global and No 1 American Club DJ Markus Schulz. You can buy his incredible music and learn about this very talented DJ here;

    Other helpful links relating to this event and equipment;

  5. PARKLIFE 2012 music festival mid-tour hype reel


    The very first music festival of the 2011/12 Australian season, PARKLIFE, just wound up their national tour culminating in a fantastic show in Adelaide set amongst the beautiful botanical gardens in pristine sunny conditions.

    Tour locations: Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

    This tour highlights reel showcases the festival experience including staging setup, beautiful grounds where the festivals are hosted, up close and personal with the performing artists, Parklife's people and a select few memorable moments of the 2011 national tour.